Meet Lapsha, the dog with the “world’s longest nose” — going viral for 12-inch snout

All dogs are beautiful in their own way, but some have truly extraordinary features that make them stand out and even become internet celebrities.

Like one dog named Lapsha, who has possibly the longest nose in the world — and she’s winning hearts online.

Lapsha is a Canadian Borzoi with a 12-inch nose. While the record hasn’t been verified, her owners think she might have the longest dog snoot in the world.

Her Instagram, @loopsnoot, has over 109,000 followers and documents the unique dog’s life… and her “daily struggles” with her extra-large snoot.

While people might ask “why the long face,” Lapsha is a happy dog who’s living her best life. Photos show her enjoying ice cream and summer nature walks.

“The snoot knows what the snoot likes,” one caption reads.

While the owners estimate that Lapsha’s snoot is about 12 inches long, they say it changes depending on the dog’s mood.

“When comfortable, the snootapede starts to droop and the snoot reaches maximum droop. This is called true form,” one Instagram caption reads. “This is often immeasurable, like trying to measure a shifting mountain range.”

The borzoi is a breed of Russian hunting dog, originally bred for wolf hunting. The breed is known for having long noses, although Lapsha’s snout is especially long.

Borzoi dogs are a favorite online, and several other long-nosed borzoi dogs have also gone viral, like Eris, another dog with a 12-inch snout who has over 300,000 followers.

Wow, what a beautiful and unique dog! You can follow Lapsha on Instagram at @loopsnoot.

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