English setter sets world record for longest tongue on a dog

The Guinness World Records books are full of interesting and unusual achievements. It seems like there is a record for just about everything.

Now, one adorable dog has made the record books for a very unique reason: he has the longest tongue of any dog in the world!

Bisbee, an English setter who lives in Tucson, Arizona, has a tongue that is 3.74 inches long — longer than a popsicle stick. That’s a tongue that would give you quite a doggy kiss, and now it’s in the record books.

According to Guinness World Records, Bisbee has now set the record for the longest tongue on a living dog. His tongue was measured by a vet, from the tip of his tongue to the snout.

Owners Jay and Ericka Johnson first took home Bisbee after falling in love with him at a charity auction. They say they quickly noticed that their new dog had quite a mouthful.

“He just looked really disproportionate,” Ericka told Guinness World Records. “He looked funny when he panted.”

“When he’s exercising, his tongue comes out quite aways and my wife said that’s excessively long,” added Jay. 

The owners later realized that their dog’s tongue might be a record-setter, and decided to have it measured on a scheduled trip to the vet. The vet measured the tongue while Bisbee was asleep after being sedated for x-rays.

Amazingly, Bisbee did in fact have the world’s longest doggy tongue. The previous record holder — Mochi, a St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who has a 7.31 inch tongue — died in 2021.

The owners described Bisbee as a very affectionate and attached dog who loves to follow them around and cuddle.

Bisbee has hip dysplasia but still enjoys going for walks and going for swims in the pool in the summer.

The owners love their dog and are proud he set such a comical world record. “We feel we were lucky to get him, and he was lucky to get us,” Jay told Guinness World Records.

Congratulations to Bisbee on this unique achievement! Truly a beautiful one-of-a-kind dog ❤️

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