Man with one week to live has one wish — find a ‘nice home’ for his 11 rescue dogs

For two years Richard Ewers devoted his life to taking in stray dogs and giving them a loving home they otherwise would not have had.

“I just can’t say ‘no,'” Ewers told KSAT in 2018. “It’s hard to see a hungry dog.”

(Facebook/Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs)

He received some help from his community with making sure the rescue dogs received the necessary vaccinations and finding them forever homes. Volunteers also helped to repair Ewers’ fence to make his yard safer for the dogs. Of the 27 dogs Ewers had at his home, volunteers were able to place 16 dogs in a home.

But, last year the Texas man learned he had stomach cancer, and suddenly time was of the essence.

Recently, Ewers, 71, was put into hospice and given a week to live.

“They can’t be here much longer,” Mary Oyler, with Save Our Strays San Antonio, told KSAT.

Oyler helped Ewers in 2018 and now has a sense of urgency to help fulfill Ewers’ dying wish, find “a home, a nice home” for his 11 remaining dogs.

(Facebook/Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs)

Oyler, who visits Ewers’ home every day along with other volunteers, feeds and spends time with the dogs. She said that while they have shelter, the house has no electricity or running water, and there is no one there to give them the love and attention they crave.

“The conditions are just not ideal.”

“There’s a lot of work involved,” Oyler said. “All they’ve ever known is Mr. Richard, so it’s going to require a family that has a lot of patience.”

Last year a Facebook page was created in order to get the word out about Ewers and his dogs, and she’s hoping the page will play a role in the rest of the dogs finding either a foster home or a forever home.

Information about each dog can be found on Helping Mr. Richard and His Dogs’ Facebook.

Richard Ewers spent two years rescuing dogs, now it’s time for his community to help him and give his dogs a loving home.

Pass this story on and thank Richard for his generosity and to spread the word about his dying wish.