Man wants to get his dog life-saving cancer surgery — but his girlfriend doesn’t want him spending the money

Dogs are so loving and loyal to us, and it’s important for people to be loyal to them in return. Many pet owners would do anything for their pets.

However, sometimes people on the outside don’t understand that bond and try to stand in the way. That’s the case for one man, whose story about his girlfriend and his dog has people outraged.

The story comes from a subreddit called r/AmItheAsshole, where people tell their personal stories asking for advice if they’re the “bad guy” in the situation.

One user shared his story on Tuesday. He explained that his four-year-old dog Summer had recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. The good news is they caught it early, and she can most likely make a full recovery with no quality of life impact.

The downside is her owner does not have pet insurance, and the surgery would cost about $10,000. While that’s no small change, he had saved a rainy day fund and was happy to pay to save his beloved dog.


That should’ve been the happy ending to the story… until his girlfriend found out.

He’s been with her for two years and they live together. She is also currently out-of-work, and she had an issue with him spending so much money.

“When I told her about the money and that I was going to pay for the surgery, she was upset because 1. She didn’t know about the account and 2. I’d be spending so much money when she’s out of a job and struggling.”

The girlfriend insisted that he save the money for their future together, not caring that he was spending the money to save the life of a young dog with a treatable disease.


After sharing the story online for advice, people were naturally outraged and took his side, overwhelmingly deciding he was “not the asshole.”

“I’m so mad. She acts like your dog doesn’t even matter,” reads the top comment, from someone who recently lost their own dog to cancer. “I really really wish all the best to your dog.”

Others pointed out that they’re not married, and it’s his own money that he saved and his own dog, and the decision is solely his to make.

The poster wrote that he felt his girlfriend might give him an ultimatum, but said he would choose his dog over the girlfriend.

We hope they can work things out and come to an understanding, but it’s unacceptable to make someone give up on their dog. We’re glad Summer is in such loving hands.

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