Man stops to help abandoned puppy with chip bag stuck on its head

It’s always inspiring to see good samaritans go out of their way to help animals in need. Even a simple act can save the life of a helpless animal.

That was the case for one Canadian man who came across a dog with a potato chip bag on his head, and ventured out to save him.

It was a cold March day in southern Manitoba when a man was driving by and saw a puppy on his own on the side of the road, struggling to get a bag off of his face.


The Rottweiler puppy was blinded by the bag, and while the man trying calling him he couldn’t see his way to him.

When it was clear the puppy wasn’t going to make it to him, the man left his vehicle and braved the deep snows to reach the dog.

“I don’t know if I’ll make it there,” the man is heard saying. “I’m sinking.”


He continues calling the puppy towards him, and eventually the two are able to reach each other.

The man is finally able to remove the chip bag from the dog’s head, who looks relieved and grateful to be freed.


The rescue video was uploaded to Newsflare in 2018. The description says that the dog was an abandoned stray puppy. It isn’t clear who the rescuer is or what happened to the puppy after the incident.

But while it may seem like a simple act of kindness, the man likely saved this puppy’s life. Chip bags pose a serious risk to dogs, and pets have suffocated after getting stuck in them.

Luckily, this kindhearted man was there to save the day, and this puppy was safe! Share this inspiring story!