Man saves dog left in car during heatwave by smashing the window with an axe

An animal hero is being hailed online after using an axe to rescue a dog that had been trapped inside a boiling hot cat.

As per reports, the Yorkshire terrier had been left in the car at Newsbury Retail Park in Berkshire, UK on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

A passerby spotted the poor pooch, though, and knew he had no choice but to intervene. The woman who recorded a video that was later uploaded to Facebook said that the dog was stuck inside the car as temperatures rose for around 45 minutes.

Facebook / Samantha Heaver

In the clip, a man can be seen hammering the vehicle’s window with an axe, before it smashes after his eighth blow.

A woman can then be heard asking: “Where’s the dog? Where’s the dog? Jesus Christ. That poor little dog.”

Another then says: “At least it will get some air and won’t die in there.”

To which the woman responds: “It don’t look b****y great.”

Facebook / Samantha Heaver

Unsurprisingly, the video of the rescue, which may well have saved a man’s life, has attracted plenty of praise.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman told the Sun: “A member of the public did smash a car window to get a dog out of a car.

“Two of our PCSOs attended, the dog was taken by one of the PCSOs for a check over.

“The owner of the vehicle returned and was given advice.”

People, please don’t leave your pets in warm vehicles! How many more dogs have to die before this gets through?

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