Man jumps in icy water to save desperate dog

Every dog ​​owner will agree: losing your dog is a scary thought. Not knowing where your loyal friend is and whether he or she is safe – that’s an awful feeling.

When Don Chatten, 49, was talking his usual walk in the Bark Park at Ellicott Creek Park, he noticed a desperate owner looking for a dog, according to RTL News.
Don decided to help and joined the owner in the search for the missing animal. Soon, Don’s two own dogs sniffed up a trail that led the group to the missing pup – the tiny dog was stranded in icy water. 

Don immediately called 911, but, he told WKBW, he was panicked. He knew the dog wouldn’t survive much longer, so Don jumped in.

First, he tried to crawl over the ice to the creature. Then he broke the ice with his forearm and rushed out in the waist-deep water to grab the dog.

“I knew it wasn’t real deep in this part because I use to come here when I was a kid,” Chatten said.

Thankfully, he managed to save the animal and bring it back to dry land. The owner rushed the freezing dog to the vet. The Terrier mix, named Jackson, had been missing in the area for some time.

Don tried to warm himself up in his car afterwards, not realizing that a woman had taken pictures of the rescue operation.

Once the photos spread on the internet, Don’s quick thinking and selfless act was praised all over the world.

Many called him a hero, but Don is humble and doesn’t want any attention.

“That’s not what I’m looking for. I would do it again, if it happened again tomorrow. I am a dog lover and do not want a dog injured.”

Even though he doesn’t feel like it himself, Don is a hero! He put his own life at risk to save that little dog!

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