Man slips on ice and can’t move – his dog stays with him for 20 hours keeping him warm

Our dogs not only protect us, love us unconditionally and are loyal companions but have been known to save our lives.

When dog owner Bob went outside to fetch firewood on a cold New Year’s Eve night he slipped and landed on his back in the ice.

He couldn’t move and with his wife away and his nearest neighbors a quarter of a mile from his house he had no way of getting help.

That’s when his Golden Retriever Kelsey came to the rescue, keeping him warm, licking him and staying by his side for 20 hours.

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When Bob stepped out of his farmhouse, a 40-acre plot in Michigan, he was wearing only his slippers, long johns and a long-sleeved shirt. It was 10.30 pm and the ground was covered in snow and ice.

As Bob took a step down from his front door he slipped and landed on his back on the icy cold floor. He knew he’d broken something because he could only move his elbows.

It was then that Kelsey came to the rescue and lay on him and licked him to keep him warm. Doctors believe her actions prevented Bob from getting frostbite, according to Today.

“He has marks on his arms from her pawing at him when he was losing consciousness,” Bob’s daughter Jenny said. “It was like, she knew that he had to stay awake because if he fell asleep he wouldn’t wake up again.”

Kelsey kept him warm all night and day

Nobody could hear Bob’s cries for help and said nobody would have taken any notice of Kelsey barking as she usually barked outside.

Bob believes that he stayed conscious until an hour before a neighbor came by the next day around 6:30 pm to collect some chicken eggs, Today reports.

He was rushed to hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and irregular heart rhythm. He also had surgery to repair two herniated discs that had compressed his spinal cord and stopped him from moving.

He’s now undergoing rehabilitation to help him walk again and build his strength.

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Bob survived thanks to his faithful Golden Retriever. If Kelsey hadn’t kept him warm and awake Bob would have been in a deadly situation. 

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