Man dumps dog and drives off, doesn’t realize a camera is recording his actions

It’s a sad fact that some dog owners dump their faithful four-legged friends at the side of the road, instead of taking them to a shelter where they have a chance of finding a better home.

KD the pup was just one when she was dumped at the side of a road in Dallas.

Her owner just drove off and left her there, thinking he could get away with such a cruel act. But what he didn’t know is that a camera had been set up and officers were quick to catch the culprit.


The area was apparently popular with heartless animal owners who felt the need to dump their dogs.

It’s heart-breaking to see this trusting dog get out of the car, probably thinking she’s being taken for a walk, only for the man to quickly get back into his car and drive off.

Dog dumped in Dallas

A man is in jail after he was caught on surveillance video abandoning a dog at a popular dumping site in Dallas. Police say it's their first arrest since setting up the camera to crack down on animal dumping.

Posted by FOX 4 News on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What the owner didn’t know is that The Dallas Marshal’s Office had teamed up with the SPCA of Texas to install a camera in the popular dog dumping spot, according to Fox4News.

Rescuers found the sweet pup less than a day later wandering the wooded area alone and frightened.

I cannot imagine how confused this poor pup must have been.

‘Licking their faces’

Thanks to camera footage the man was identified, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with animal cruelty.

The dog captured the hearts of a couple looking to adopt a furry friend.  The couple said they were both kneeling down and KD put her paws on their shoulders and was licking their faces.

“She was so sweet, we just fell in love with her immediately,” Reagan Henderson, KD’s new owner told Inside Edition.

Find out more about KD’s happy ending in the clip below.

Maybe now a camera has been installed, more heartless animal owners will be caught, and these abandoned dogs will find a loving home.

We wish KD all the happiness in the future, she deserves extra hugs for what she’s been through.

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