Man arrested after smashing his way into burning building to rescue his dog

As flames raged through an apartment building in Tennessee firefighters managed to get the tenants to safety but there was one resident still left.

Bishop, the dog of tenant Jarrod Martin, was still inside the building, trapped inside the first-floor family apartment.

Firefighters assured the frantic dog owner that they would rescue Bishop but Jarrod couldn’t wait any longer.


Defying orders to not re-enter the building Jarrod climbed up onto his balcony and broke the glass of his apartment window.

Bishop the dog leapt out of the apartment and they both jumped to safety.

But while the crowd cheered at Jarrod’s heroic actions to save his dog officers then arrested him.


Jarrod told WSMV News that when residents saw him in handcuffs they asked if he was one that started the fire.

“I told them ‘no I was trying to rescue my dog’ and they asked, ‘why are you in handcuffs then?'”

A police official said what Jarrod did was “very dangerous” adding: “He put his life in danger as well as the lives of firefighters on the scene.”


Officials also said by breaking the glass Jarrod could have allowed just enough oxygen into the burning building to cause an explosion.

Jarrod was charged with two misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment but says he has no regrets.

“I think another five minutes and that dog would have been gone, it was do or die. I raised him, I wasn’t going to sit there and watch him burn to death,” he said.

Watch Jarrod in action in the clip below.

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