Malnourished dog found tied to pole gets a new start — and a role in ‘The Nutcracker’

It’s hard to believe how anyone could abandon their dog, but far too many heartless owners just ditch their pets without caring.

Thankfully, there are also kind people willing to step up and give these discarded dogs the love and care they need — and many of these dogs rebound and go on to extraordinary things.

Now, one dog who was recently found tied to a pole is a star, getting a featured role in a beloved Christmas tradition.

On November 29, animal control in Roanoke, Virginia found an abandoned dog who had been left tied up to a pole, in poor condition.

Animal control brought the dog to local animal rescue Angels of Assisi, who described dog as “extremely malnourished,” suffering from Lyme disease that was affecting her kidney functions.

“We don’t know how anyone could leave her, especially in this horrific condition, but we will do everything we can to help her heal,” Angels of Assisi wrote on Facebook. “She is in critical condition and is touch and go.”

The shelter named the poor dog Luna. They put her on IV fluids in an urgent bid to save her life.

But they started to see hope that the neglected dog would pull through: in an update they described the “sparkle of hope in her eyes.”

Days passed, and Luna’s condition steadily improved. She was able to go off IV fluids, and was described as getting “stronger by the day.”

According to a recent update, Luna is still getting treated for Lyme disease, and vets are trying to get the dog to regain weight and build up her strength. Once she is better, she will undergo a surgery to remove a mass in her side.

But in the meantime, things are looking up for Luna: the shelter says that she’s been “showered with gifts” and visitors — and this week she will go to a foster home, where she will continue her recovery in a loving environment.

According to WFXR, police found Luna’s owner, who was charged and relinquished ownership. Police say they are still investigating the case regarding Luna’s abandonment and poor physical condition.

But the important thing is that Luna is in better hands now, surrounded by people who love her. And this Christmas, she’ll also get a chance to be a real star, after getting a special role in a beloved holiday tradition.

This weekend, Luna will make her stage debut in the Southwest Virginia Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker!

Luna will be on stage in the ballet at the Berglund Center in Roanoke this Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM. If you are in the area and want to see this sweet dog live, tickets are still available.

But everyone is excited for Luna’s big break: the shelter told WFXR that Luna is “doing wonderfully” on stage and that she “loves the extra attention.”

Luna has survived so much, we’re so glad to see that she’s on the road to recovery and getting to live her best life — break a leg out there, Luna!

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