Mistreated cocker spaniel gets a new start, is now training to be a police dog

It’s heartbreaking to think how many dogs come from abusive and neglectful households, but it’s never too late to make a new start: many dogs have come from rough lives and gone on to do extraordinary things.

Like one formerly-mistreated dog, who is now on his way to becoming a police dog.

Marshall, a cocker spaniel, suffered from a cruel previous owner: he was reportedly hung up and strangled by his leash as the owner hit him, according to Stroud News & Journal.

Thankfully, he was rescued by the RSPCA in Torquay. Marshall was now safe and in better hands — and it wasn’t long before he was put on a new career path.

Marshall is now one of four dogs training at Royal Agricultural University’s campus to become a search dog for the Gloucestershire Police.

While undergoing the six-week training course, Marshall is living with his new handler, PC Adey Cole, who is impressed by the dog’s perseverance after everything he’s been through.

“Marshall wasn’t even a year old when he was rescued but, amazingly, he is not wary of people despite what he has been through,” Cole told the News and Journal.

“He is now 16 months old and is such a sweet dog – he loves affection but really loves to work.”

The other dogs in the program are fellow rescue dogs. A dog named Bonnie was reportedly rescued from a shipping container from a Welsh puppy farm, and was “skin and bones,” the News and Journal reports.

These dogs are proving that anyone can overcome even the most difficult pasts and go on to great things. Marshall is still in the training program, but it seems like he’s already a natural police officer.

“He was born to search and he is proving to be really good at it but he is still just a typical crazy cocker spaniel who does everything at 100 miles an hour!” Cole said. “We are so pleased to have been able to give all these dogs a second chance.”

We’re so glad that Marshall is safe and is now training to be a police officer! We wish him all the best and success in his new career — he deserves it after all he’s been through.

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