Mall security guard breaks the rules to look after pregnant stray dog

Mall security guard breaks the rules to look after pregnant stray dog

Stray dogs don’t have a nice home and family to return to at the end of the day, but they still deserve a little love. With no one to take care of them, they rely on the kindness of strangers to get by.

When one man discovered a stray in need, he knew he had to do something to help… even if it meant breaking a few rules.

Danilo Reyeg is a security guard at a mall in Cebu City, Philippines. While the mall allows pets, it doesn’t welcome stray animals for safety reasons.

Reyeg, however, is an animal lover, and can’t help but feed the strays who roam in at night. And one dog in particular won his heart: a pregnant female dog named Franci.

Even though it went against business policy, Reyeg continued to look after the dogs, and Franci became attached to the guard.

The heartwarming friendship attracted attention, including from Gretel Eleazar, founder of Saving Strays Cebu, who was inspired by his kindness.

“He started feeding stray dogs roaming the mall, but it was only Franci who eventually befriended him and follows him around,” Eleazar told The Dodo.

Reyeg has now essentially adopted Franci as his own. She still follows him around the mall, and he has taught her pet tricks and commands.

When the pregnant dog finally gave birth to her puppies, the guard made sure they all went to good homes with his friends.

Their story has inspired other mall employees to get involved, doing their own part to help the strays.

“[Reyeg] pays the mall landscaper to help him feed and bathe a dog named Micmic,” Eleazar said. “And a lady who works at the restaurant inside the mall collects the food scraps to distribute to the dogs who roam the mall, including Franci and Micmic.”

And Reyeg’s mission has now spread past the mall: he now collaborates with Eleazar at Saving Strays Cebu, making sure that all the animals like Franci get the love and help they need.

Thank you to this kindhearted man for going out of his way to help this dog! Even though it went against policy, it made a huge difference in many lives.

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