Loyal stray dog protects his injured best friend after she was hit by a car

Dogs are such loyal and protective animals. They’ll always instinctively step up to protect their friends and loved ones when they sense they’re in need.

That was the case for one stray dog, who was found protecting his injured friend before they were both rescued.

Betty Walter, from Houston, Texas, got a text from a friend about a dog who had been hit by a car. She wrote on TikTok that she was at work at the time, and suggested calling an SPCA ambulance.


But hours later, no one had picked up the dog, so Walter decided to go get the dog herself.

But while no one came to rescue the injured dog, that doesn’t mean she was alone: at the scene, Walter saw a fellow stray guarding his friend.


The protective dog was keeping other dogs away, and seemed to not trust the human’s help at first: “When I got out of my car to look at her, he ran toward me … I had to assure him I was there to help,” she told The Dodo.

After some reassurance, Walter was able to get the injured stray into a crate and into her car. But it was clear that her guardian wasn’t going to let her go without him — so Walter decided to rescue both dogs.

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Walter took the two dogs in to her home as fosters. She named the injured dog “Betty White,” after the late animal-loving actress, and her male companion “Allen,” presumably after White’s husband Allen Ludden.

The two have remained inseparable.

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Betty White had a broken pelvis and had to undergo surgery, but is now recovering well.

“Betty White is doing great,” Walter wrote on TikTok. She is walking around a lot better.”

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Of course, Allen was there for her throughout her recovery, and as soon as she was able to walk around again, the two played in the yard of their new foster home.

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It’s clear the dogs have become an inseparable duo — but while it’s always great to have a close friend, bonded dogs can have a harder time getting adopted: it’s more difficult to find someone willing to take in two dogs at once.

Walter says she cannot adopt the dogs herself — she wrote on TikTok that she has a “house full of dogs” and three jobs — but remains dedicated to finding Betty and Allen a home where they can be together.

@rescuebetty Betty White and Allen. Walking on her leg. #adoptdontshop #dogs #fyp #rescue ♬ Follow the Sun – Caroline Pennell

She told The Dodo that Betty is still recovering so it will still be some time before she can be put up for adoption.

She says the dogs would do best in a quiet but loving and attentive home.

“They really love attention,” Walter told The Dodo. “[They need] someone who is going to give them lots of kisses and hugs. To keep them safe and make them feel safe. Allen loves toys, [so] someone to throw the ball and play chase with. Betty wants a bed to lay and stay by your feet.”

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What a heartwarming friendship. It’s clear these rescue dogs have a true loyalty and love for one another.

We hope that when the time comes, they’ll be able to find a perfect forever home where they can be together.

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