Little dog helps officers rescue 65-year-old owner who fell through ice

Dogs are such incredible, loyal animals, and will always step up to help when their owners are in danger.

That was the case recently, when one brave little dog helped save the life of his 65-year-old owner who fell through the ice into freezing water.

According to The Guardian, a 65-year-old man from Traverse City, Michigan fell through the ice on Arbutus Lake.

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The man was trapped in freezing waters, unable to get himself free. But thankfully he wasn’t alone — he had his loyal dog Ruby by his side.

Michigan State Police officers soon arrived to help. They tried tossing a rescue disc to the man, but couldn’t reach, and they weren’t able to get through him across the fragile ice.

Instead, they tried a different approach — enlisting the help of the man’s dog. The officers instructed the man to send Ruby over. The dog happily obliges and runs towards the police officer, who ties the rescue disc to her collar.

The owner then called Ruby back to him, allowing him to grab the rescue device. With the man secured by a tether, the officer, identified as Kammeron Bennetts, instructs the man to kick his feet to get up to the surface.

Once he has crawled onto solid ice, the officers go out and pull him back to dry land. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and later released.

The dramatic rescue was captured on body cameras:

The Michigan State Police shared the footage online, praising smart dog Ruby for helping to save the day.

Many commenters online praised her as a hero, saying she deserved extra treats!

Great job, Ruby! You’re a true hero and saved the day!

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