Little dog can carry a huge stick and loves to show it off at the park

Dogs love playthings of all shapes and sizes, but nothing beats the simple, classic stick. At the park a dog will happily turn a simple tree branch into a game of fetch.

But some dogs won’t just have any stick… they want the biggest one available. That’s the case for one dog named Bosco, who loves gigantic sticks, even though they can be twice his own size:

This little dachshund loves finding and carrying around the biggest branch he can find, showing it off to his friends:

And he’s always up for a challenge—no branch is too big for his mighty strength and determination:

Bosco lives with his owner Anna Luccia in London. His skills have earned him fame online, and his Instagram now has over 115,000 followers. He has been dubbed “King of the Sticks.”

“People are amazed that such a little dog is so strong and ambitious,” Anna told Metro. “He is such a character that people can’t help but warm to him.”

“Over time we have built a loving audience who leave lots of comments and send me messages of support. Some write they were having a rough day but seeing Bosco, his joy and funny antics makes them feel better.”

Anna says she has no idea why her dog loves carrying these big sticks, she says it’s just a habit he picked up as a puppy and he’s never stopped.

“We always repeat the message that we never have or will force him to carry sticks – it’s simply his favourite thing to do,” Anna said.

“It’s obvious to us that he loves the challenge of carrying things, it’s as if it gives him a purpose.”

But maybe he just loves the spotlight: whenever he carries his stick around, every human is delighted to watch.

“He also loves getting reactions from people, whether it’s claps, people smiling and talking to him or people getting their phones out to film or take pictures of him,” Anna told Metro.

“He is an attention seeker at home and in public and a big part of why he does it at all is for a reaction, perhaps not at the beginning but definitely now.”

What a funny dog! It’s clear he’s enjoying himself and bringing joy to everyone he meets.

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