Dog keeps trying to get man to play fetch — and doesn’t realize he’s a statue

Most dogs can’t get enough of playing fetch. When a dog brings you a stick or a ball, you better be ready to throw. You’d have to have a heart of stone to refuse to play… literally.

That’s what one little dog found out, when he was left disappointed after a man ignored his game—because it turns out the guy was a bit of a stiff.

Debby Taylor, from Manchester, England, owns a gang of four little spaniel dogs:

Hello from Buxton xxx

Posted by Debby Adams on Friday, September 20, 2019

She took the dogs out for a walk in the park in September… but she suddenly realized that one of her dogs, Chester, was behind.

It turns out, he had gotten fixated on a wooden statue of a man sitting on a park bench. The statue was so lifelike that the dog mistook him for a real person…

…and started asking him to play fetch!

Chester wants to know why the wooden man won't throw his stick 😂😂😂🐾xx

Posted by Debby Adams on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Chester found a big stick and kept dropping it at the statue’s feet, patiently waiting for him to toss it:


Chester waited for the statue to respond—maybe he just didn’t see him, or didn’t get what he was trying to say.

So he kept picking up and dropping the stick, but to no avail. The statue remained seated, arms defiantly crossed.

Maybe Chester wasn’t amused, but his owners sure were, laughing at the adorable sight: “We were in hysterics,” Debby told The Dodo. She caught the whole thing on video:

She said it’s not unusual for Chester to initiate games of fetch with strangers.

“We call him Mr. Sociable,” Debby said. “He will do that to anybody, and has been known to accost people for ages if he thinks they will throw a ball or stick for him.”

We hope this determined pup found a fetch partner with a little more life! Share this hilarious story!