Lazy dog won't move from her resting spot, so her owner just sweeps around her

Lazy dog won’t move from her resting spot, so her owner just sweeps around her

As much as our dogs love to run around and play, they love laying around the house and sleeping just as much.

Dogs take their naps seriously—once they’ve plunked themselves down for a snooze, you’ll have a hard time getting them up, no matter where they are.

One man knew this all too well, resorting to working around his pet when the sleepy dog refused to budge.

Many of us have dogs who are lazy once in a while, but one dog is so lazy that her name is actually Lazy.

Lazy lives with her owner Lucho Bugallo in Argentina, and loves nothing more than lounging around on the floor.

“At home, we call her Carpet,” Lucho told The Dodo. “She is happy spending her days lying down.”


Which is fine… except when her owner has to clean.

Because once Lazy has settled in, nothing will get her to move, especially not her owner attempting to sweep the ground she’s laying on.

So instead, Lucho let his dog chill… and just kept sweeping around her.


He lifted his dog up to sweep underneath her, but Lazy kept true to her name and did not move an inch.


But apparently, the owner understood their arrangement.

“When it’s nap time, it’s nap time,” he wrote on Twitter.

People online quickly fell in love with the funny video—it was a reminder that sometimes the dog is really the master of the household.

Not that they’re owners mind too much—Lucho, for one, is happy to let his buddy have her rest.

“She can spend all day lying down if she wants,” Lucho told The Dodo. “In fact, that’s why we have pets, to make sure they’re happy.”

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