Kindhearted dog gives his meat bun to hungry stray cat

Dogs are incredible animals—they’re so kind and intuitive that they are able to help other animals when they see them in distress.

It’s especially heartwarming to see a pet dog help out a stray, almost like they’re giving back to those less fortunate than they are.

That was the case for one dog, who went out of his way to help out a hungry street cat.

The story comes from Shandong, China, and was originally shared on a Chinese social media site. A dog named Pudding was seen behaving strangely, and his behavior was caught by his owner, known as Ms Fu.

“I was working downstairs that day when I heard our dog barking at the top of the steps,” Fu told Chinese outlet The Paper, according to LADbible. “When I looked over, I saw it going to its kennel to fetch its meat bun, then it barked again.”


Then, the owner noticed the dog wasn’t alone: there was a stray cat on the steps.

Pudding placed the meat bun in front of the cat. His owner feared he may have been baiting the stray into a fight.

But that wasn’t the case. As the dog gestured for the cat to take the bun, it was clear he was just trying to give the hungry animal some food.

“The cat was scared and wouldn’t come down the steps, so our dog stood back and kept its distance, allowing the cat to approach,” Fu said.


Eventually the stray cat took the food and happily walked away. Fu watched the heartwarming moment unfold, and caught it on video.

“I was very touched by the moment, because our dog is a guard dog, and usually very protective of its food,” she said.

The video has since become a viral hit, and people around the world have been moved by the dog’s selfless actions.

It’s amazing how sometimes dogs can be generous and thoughtful in ways humans often are not. We can truly learn a lot from them.

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