Homeless dog goes viral after he’s filmed making his bed every day

A homeless dog rescued by a shelter and looked after until he found a forever home proved to be quite the overnight guest by making his bed every day.

This adorable hound called Rush had spent over 30 days at the shelter waiting for a forever home but quickly became known as the bed-making pit bull dog.

Staff at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Dayton, Ohio, filmed Rush dragging his blanket around every morning to ensure his bed was neat and tidy.

Watch him in action in the clip below.

The video went viral and almost 2 million people have viewed it and fallen in love with this dapper dog.

He became an internet sensation and attracted hundreds of comments asking for his adoption details.

But in just one week after his video was released a couple from Ohio adopted him and gave him the loving home that this sweet dog deserves.


He had a sleepover at the couple’s house to find out if they were all compatible and they were able to start the adoption process the next day.

The husband and wife had lost their dog and are so excited to have found Rush.

Meet Rush’s new family in the clip below.

These animal heroes pull out all the stops to make sure their homeless creatures can find new homes. What an amazing character this dog is.

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