High school graduate recreates photo with loyal dog from his first day of school

It’s that time of year where many seniors are graduating high school. While it’s a strange time to be entering the world—many celebrations and ceremonies have had to be cut due to COVID-19—it’s still a time to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and look back where you came from.

Like one graduate, who looked back on some old memories… and decided to recreate an old photo with his most loyal friend.

Stock Photo – Pixabay

Corie Bliss, from Hudson, New Hampshire, adopted her dog Ruger when he was just a puppy, and he quickly became beloved by the whole family, especially by her son Dylan. They take him on vacations every year.

“We try to bring him with us everywhere,” Corie told The Dodo. “He’s super loyal and loves his family.”

Many years have passed, and Ruger is now 11-years-old. He’s slowing down in his old age. Dylan, meanwhile, graduated high school this year.

Corie was reminiscing through old photos when she found one of her son and their dog, all the way back on his first day of 1st grade, when Ruger was just a puppy. She was moved, and saw the opportunity for a precious photo op:

Dylan and Ruger recreated their old photo, with Dylan in his graduation cap and gown, on the night of his graduation:

Corie Bliss/Facebook

The side-by-side photos are truly heartwarming, if bittersweet for the proud mom behind the camera.

“Lots of running mascara,” Corie said. “So many memories.”

She shared the photo to a Facebook group, acknowledging that the photo was especially bittersweet because the old dog might not have much time left.

“Our beloved dog Ruger is terminal and battling cancer, we were so thankful to still have him here with us for our son’s graduation last night,” she wrote on Facebook, according to FOX 6.

“He doesn’t show it but at the end of the day when he’s laying down you can tell he’s not himself,” Corie told WMUR. “Like, when he’s outside you would never know that he has cancer.”

It was also a special moment for Dylan. Throughout his years at school, his faithful dog was always there for him.

“Having Ruger with me throughout school was great,” he told The Dodo. “No matter what grade I was in, I always have memories of coming home and getting greeted by Ruger at the door.”

The family says they are planning a summer trip to Ruger’s favorite vacation spot, which they feel might be his last before he passes away. It’s clear they want to give their loyal dog the best life possible.

What an adorable photo idea. Congrats to Dylan on graduating, and thank you to old Ruger for being such a faithful dog all along. Share this heartwarming story!