After prom is canceled, teen holds his own — with his beloved dog as his date

2020 has been a rough year for everyone: the COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to close their doors, people to stay inside and countless celebrations and events to be canceled or postponed.

It’s especially hard on high school seniors, who had to miss out on much of their senior year, and big milestones like prom and graduation.

But that didn’t stop one senior from experiencing the prom, even if he had to make one himself… and chose someone pretty adorable as his date.

Josh Robert, from Texas, had his prom canceled by his high school. But he decided he would still dress up for the traditional prom photoshoot… using his beloved dog Reba to be his “date.”


With Reba all dolled up in her own prom gown and tiara, the two took some adorable photos in their backyard.

Josh actually does have a girlfriend of six months, which could’ve made things awkward, but even she knows that Reba is the true lady of his life.

“She’s my everything,” Josh told The Dodo. “We’ve had her since she was a little puppy and now she’s 10. It wouldn’t have been the same if she wasn’t included.”

“Josh is her boy. Reba sleeps on his bed next to him every night,” his sister Mackenzie added.


The dog loved being the center of attention: “She has always been a little diva,” said Josh’s aunt, Tommie, who took the photos.

“She really loves attention and her being in a dress made her really happy,” Josh said.

There might not have been an official prom this year, but these two still made it a night to remember, and we think they deserve the crown.

“Reba did get the title of prom queen,” he told The Dodo. “She wouldn’t have it any other way.”

What funny photos! Dogs really are our best friends, and they deserve to be our prom dates as much as anyone. Share this adorable story!