Heartwarming video shows dog helping his paralyzed brother play fetch

Some dogs have disabilities that make it harder for them to get around, but they still want to do all the things other dogs do, like run around and play fetch.

One heartwarming video shows a paralyzed dog playing fetch — thanks to a little help from his caring brother.

A Wisconsin family recently adopted a rescue dog named Kona, who according to a TikTok was abandoned on the street in Mississippi, and someone tossed him into a yard by his collar.

Kona was permanently paralyzed in his hind legs, and was found anemic, weak and covered in fleas. Despite everything, his personality began to shine through. He spent 7 months in foster care before being adopted last month.


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Kona is loving his new life with his family, and loves playing in the yard with his doggy siblings. Despite his paralysis, Kona just loves to do all the things other dogs do, like playing fetch.

While Kona’s limited mobility can make that a challenge, his brothers always have his back and make sure he can participate in playtime. One heartwarming video shows Kona’s brother Morty fetching a ball thrown to the back of the yard, then dropping it in front of Kona so he can fetch it.

Kona then picks up the ball and happily scoots back towards his owner with the ball.

“Our disabled dog loves fetch and our able-bodied dog helps him get the ball,” the owner wrote on TikTok. “Dogs’ hearts are so pure.”

People online were very moved by the heartwarming and inclusive gesture.

“I love the way the dog didn’t drop it directly in front of him so he could still feel accomplished,” one comment reads.

“Inclusion at its finest. Making playing ball accessible for all,” another wrote.

“If dogs can adapt their world for their disabled fur pals, why can’t 100% of humans do this?”

Some people suggested that the family get Kona a wheelchair or other mobility device; the owner replied that Kona does have a wheelie cart, they were just waiting on an order of longer struts.

Follow-up videos show Kona in his wheelchair, playing another game of fetch with his brothers. This time he’s able to move around much faster, and Morty makes sure to take the time to show him how to play.


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How fitting that it’s Independence Day, and Kona’s learning to be more independent using his wheelie cart 🙌🏻🩵❤️ #paralyzeddog #dogwheelchair #specialneedsdog #fourthofjuly @Walkin’ Pets

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What a heartwarming moment — it’s so nice that Kona has his doggy siblings looking out for him and making sure he’s always included in the game ❤️

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