Heartbroken dog won’t stop staring at this photo and when we realize why, we can’t stop crying

Everyone who has had a dog knows that the relationship we share with them is a true testament to loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love.

In a heartwarming tale that underscores the deep bond between humans and their furry companions, meet Greka the pitbull and her beloved owner, Delvia González, from Mexico.

Like most pitbulls, Greka was a loving dog who loved meeting new people.

But there was always a special place in her heart for González’s mother, also named Delvia. Every day, as González went to work, Greka stayed home with her 70-year-old mother. But what started as occasional dog-sitting turned into an inseparable bond.

Delvia, 70, and Greka became best friends, spending their days playing and enjoying each other’s company.

“They kept each other company and always spent time together, spending their time playing fetch with the ball, and when they got tired, they’d start watching TV together,” González told The Dodo.

However, when Delvia fell ill with diabetes, a disease that can affect vision among other things, Greka knew she had to be there for her.

“When my mother felt bad or when she had a change in her glucose levels, Greka always told me, and she stayed by her side. She always laid at her feet wherever she was.”

As Delvia’s condition worsened, she almost lost all her sight. That’s when Greka really became indispensable, standing faithfully by her ”grandmother’s” side until Delvia sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

“Greka was the first to enter the emergency room. She was very desperate and worried about her grandmother,” González said. “We wanted Greka to know that her grandmother would not return, and for that reason, the day we buried her, we took Greka to say goodbye. We brought her close to her coffin. She cried a lot. She trembled with sadness, but she understood that her grandmother was resting in peace.”

TikTok / Delvia González

As is often the case, dogs grieve the loss of a loved one much like humans do, and Greka was no exception. They feel so deeply for the person and people who care for them. González noticed that Greka couldn’t take her eyes off the photo of her mom, which she had prominently displayed at home as a tribute.

According to her, the photo serves as a source of comfort for both of them during this difficult time.

“I feel my mother with me every time I hug Greka or every time she brings me her ball,” González said. “Her love for my mother has kept us together to endure this very difficult process.”

During a recent visit to the beach, González and Greka also received a sign that Delvia was still with them, watching over them from above. A white dove just soared into view right before their eyes as they stood gazing out over the sea.

TikTok / Delvia González

Beautiful story yet sad as well 😟 Shows just what real feelings out beautiful animals have!