Handsome dog has a fully-grown ‘hipster’ beard and looks like Chewbacca

Facial hair is super in-style right now… not just for men, but for dogs, too.

Sure, almost all dogs are covered in fur head to toe, but once in a while a dog will appear to have a sweet mustache, giving them a very unique appearance.

That’s definitely the case for one trendy dog, whose big, bushy facial hair has earned him comparisons to both a hipster Brooklynite and Chewbacca.

Meet Nuts:

Nuts is a Griffon dog, a breed that usually has extra hair around the face.

But Nuts’ hair is especially legendary—he’s got a mustache-beard combo that many men would envy.

While some guys are pretty high maintenance about their beards, Nuts’ is all-natural, according to his owner Tatiana Kovalenok.

“We used to trim his beard short before, as I thought that it was too long and made him look older than he actually was,” Tatiana told The Dodo.

“Now we just trim him a couple times a year and let the beard be. There’s no special treatment for his beard — it just grows as it is.” 

She didn’t even think much about his ‘stache until everyone started pointing it out, both on Instagram and on the street.

“Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa,’” Tatiana said. “Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like, ‘Look at the [mustache] and beard he has!’”

“Some people call him hipster or even Chewbacca.” 

While Nuts’ unique facial ‘do makes him look like the kind of guy who only drinks local-brewed IPAs, he’s otherwise just a pretty normal, friendly dog. Tatiana says he loves the water.

Although she says he does act like a person sometimes—and doesn’t just look like one.

“When I lay on my bed, he jumps up, lays on his back beside me and puts his head on a pillow,” Tatiana told The Dodo. “Just like a real human.”

Like any true “hipster,” Nuts has his own Instagram where you can follow him for even more cute-but-rugged pics.

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