Golden retriever disappeared in river after boating accident — 36 hours later owners get miracle news

A dog owner lived a nightmare after his dog fell from a boat, and was nowhere to be found — but 36 hours later, he got a miracle.

According to WCSC, Jeff Wiseman was out on a boat ride with his golden retriever Rocky on the Ashley River in South Carolina.

But then, in what Jeff called “a moment of real careless boating,” the boat struck a concrete dock, and Jeff and Rocky were flung into the water.

Even worse, the dog was nowhere in sight. Even after suffering broken ribs, Jeff swam around the area looking for Rocky but couldn’t find him anywhere. Authorities arrived and brought Jeff to the hospital, but poor Rocky was still nowhere to be found.

The family continued their search, posting photos of Rocky on social media and urging local boaters to be on the lookout. People used drones to search overhead. The owners said they were inspired by the outpouring of support.

“Teams of people were out there at different times of the day even when we couldn’t be out there,” Jeff’s wife Kim Wiseman told News 2. “This experience really showed our family that there is still a sense of community when you need it.”

As more than a day past, Jeff was wracked with guilt about his lost pet and worried sick.

“My fear was that he was hurt or injured, you know that he was suffering somewhere or dead,” Jeff told WCSC. “I mean, the grief and guilt you feel when a moment of your carelessness might have hurt or killed you and your buddy like that.”

But thankfully, 36 afters after Rocky went missing, he got a miracle: Rocky was found!

The golden retriever was reportedly found all the way on the other side of the river, chasing a raccoon. “We can’t believe it. We were really bracing for the worst, and this is the best outcome we could have hoped for,” Kim said.

It seems improbable that Rocky survived this whole ordeal, but thankfully he had his doggy life jacket on, which likely saved his life and kept him from going under. The family hopes the story will encourage boaters to always keep their pets safe by putting them in a life jacket.

According to News 2, Rocky had a swollen ankle but did not suffer any serious injuries from the accident. He is now resting at home, and Jeff is recovering from his own injuries. The family thanked everyone who helped with the search.

We’re so glad Rocky is alive and home safe! Thank you to everyone who searched for him out on the water!

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