Girlfriend sells soldier's beloved dog on Craigslist while he's deployed

Girlfriend sells soldier’s beloved dog on Craigslist while he’s deployed

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Friends and relationships might come and go, but your dog will always be loyally by your side.

It’s a deep bond that no one should interfere with, and we’re always shocked when people try to come between a man and his dog.

Imagine being overseas in military deployment and you find out your dog was sold… by your own girlfriend! That was the case for one man, who put his trust in the wrong person and had to find a way to reunite with his best friend.

Robert Gabbert, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, got his pet Shiba Inu Baxter as a puppy and the dog quickly became his best friend.

Deployed soldier to get dog Baxter back after ex-girlfriend sold him on Craigslist Robert Gabbert recently found out…

Posted by The Washington Times on Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unfortunately, the two had to spend some time apart: as a member of the US Army, Robert was frequently deployed to Afghanistan.

On his first deployment, he sent the dog to stay with his father, with no issues. But on another deployment in 2014, his girlfriend offered to care for the dog.

But with Robert overseas, the girlfriend apparently had problems caring for the dog. Robert told her she could ship the dog to his father if it was a problem.

But instead, she did something completely unexpected.

“She never did call me,” Robert’s father told the Daily Mail. “Next thing we hear, she’d gone and sold him on the Internet!”

Soldier in Afghanistan Fights for Dog His Ex Sold AwayA soldier deployed in Afghanistan may be getting his dog back…

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Naturally, the news devastated Robert. “That’s his baby. He bought that dog before he went the first time,” his father said.

“It upset him pretty much when he found out she got rid of it.”

The story went viral, and people were outraged, unable to believe anybody could sell someone else’s dog from under them, let alone on Craigslist of all places.

Después de una intensa búsqueda y de convencer a los nuevos dueños, un soldado ha logrado recuperar a su perro después…

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But as the story spread, it miraculously reached the people who bought Baxter. It turns out, he was purchased by a family who had no idea of the situation, and felt terrible.

“I think the people that bought the dog and read the stories and felt bad,” Robert’s father told the Daily Mail.

“I guess, there’s been so many people supporting Robbie, that the family came forward with the dog and they’re going to return it.”

Apparently the children had already gotten attached to Baxter, but they did the right thing and gave him up, reuniting the soldier with his beloved dog.

We’re shocked anyone would do something like this, but we’re glad to hear everything had a happy ending! Share this crazy story!