‘Game of Thrones’ star donates $62,000 to her local shelter to help during COVID-19

The social distancing regulations put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every business and industry, and animal shelters are no exception.

These shelters have been working with limited staff but still have plenty of animals to care for. Luckily in this time of crisis, many people have stepped up to help by adopting or fostering. Several have reportedly cleared their shelves.

It’s always inspiring to hear people stepping up to help at a time like this… and now one big celebrity has made an incredibly generous donation to her favorite shelter.

You may know Maisie Williams for her performance as Arya Stark, one of the main characters on the hit series Game of Thrones. She was a fan favorite character over eight seasons and received two Emmy nominations for her performance.

But she’s just as much of a hero offscreen, helping to support her local animal shelter.

In 2016, she adopted her dog Sonny from the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre. Maisie is a native of Bristol.

Maisie Williams and Sonny – with playful pup mural <3

Gepostet von Bristol Animal Rescue Centre am Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Ever since then, Maisie has been an advocate for the shelter, using her international fame to bring attention.

And recently, as the rescue has faced tough times in light of the coronavirus, she’s come through with an incredible donation of £50,000, equal to over $62,000 USD.

“Bristol A.R.C. changes the lives of animals every day and Sonny, my dog who I adopted from them a few years ago, has changed my life in many ways for the better,” Maisie wrote, according to Metro.

“It’s so important in these difficult times not to forget about charities like Bristol A.R.C. that need our help.”

The animal rescue was incredibly grateful for the donation, and made a heartwarming video thanking the star for her donation:

The actress is also encouraging others to make their own donations if possible.

“Please make a donation to their appeal if you can,” Maisie said. “We all need to stick together in these dark times and keep the world spinning regardless.”

Maisie Williams and Sonny 🙂

Gepostet von Bristol Animal Rescue Centre am Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Thank you to Maisie Williams for her incredible donation to keep this shelter going strong!

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