Frightened puppy found abandoned on park bench along with child’s heartbreaking note

How anyone has it within their heart to abuse or neglect animals is beyond my comprehension.

The fact that some people can take in pets, accept them into their homes, only to then subject them to a life of misery and cruelty just makes my blood boil.

A heartbreaking video has surfaced showing the moment a woman found a puppy tied to a park bench, along with a note explaining that it wasn’t safe at home because it was being abused.

Credit / @MascotaCoyoacan

As per reports, the note was written in what looks to be a child’s handwriting, and it pleaded with whoever should find the dog to adopt him into a loving home.

“Please, I ask you to adopt this dog and take good care of him,” the note read.

“Leaving my dog here hurts a lot, but I made the decision because my relatives abused him and it was painful to see him in that situation.

“So if you read this and you feel moved, please adopt him and look after him.

“If not, please leave the letter here so another person can read it and adopt him. Thanks.”

Credit / @MascotaCoyoacan

The child who wrote the letter also added that the dog’s name is Max, and that the poor pup had been tied to a bench in Mexico City, Mexico on November 22.

As captured in footage, members of animal rescue association Mascotas Coyoacan soon got involved. A female volunteer was able to win Max’s trust, before untying him from the bench.

Later, at the association’s facilities, volunteers said the dog was responding well to human interaction and allowing people to stroke and comfort him.

The charity said that Max is still only a puppy, and that they are now looking to find him a loving forever home.

His name has been changed to Boston, to better help him forget his traumatic past.

Thank God Max was found before he was seriously harmed, and thank god he was found by the right kinds of people!

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