Frida has eyebrows that look like they’re drawn on, but they’re all natural

All dogs are special in their own way, but some dogs really stand out thanks to unique facial markings. Whether it’s a Salvador Dali mustache, different colored eyes or a tail growing from a head, these dogs show that you don’t need to be “normal” to be beautiful.

Like this dog, who sports a luscious pair of eyebrows:

The dog was found as a stray on the cold streets of Bratsk, Russia, and taken to a local animal shelter.

They must’ve been shocked—those brows really look like they were drawn on with marker by some prankster. Imagine they’re surprise when they went to wash it off and found out they were real!

This striking husky mix didn’t stay homeless for long. When the shelter posted a photo of the dog, they captivated the internet… and caught the attention of a woman named Oksana.

She says she burst into tears when she saw the dog and knew it was meant to be. After persuading her husband, she went and adopted her.

She was very happy with her new dog, and found that besides her beautiful appearance the dog was also fun and intelligent.

 “I am the happiest owner of the coolest dog ever,” Oksana said, according to The Mirror. “She even knows two commands: sit and come here.”

She decided to name the dog Frida—after, naturally, artist Frida Kahlo, the ultimate icon of prominent eyebrows. They truly are spirit animals:

Thick eyebrows are in style right now, and Frida has brows many women would envy. Like a true style influencer, she has her own Instagram page where she shows off her modeling pics:

What a beautiful dog! And we’re so happy to see that she’s off the streets and in a loving home!

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