French Bulldog declared winner in small town's race for mayor

French Bulldog declared winner in small town’s race for mayor

The 2020 presidential election has been like no other, and the same could be said about many of the other elections held, including the one held in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Residents of the small unincorporated community in Boone County elected their next mayor, Wilbur Beast.

A French Bulldog.

The hamlet elected its first canine mayor in 1998 and has had four since electing Wilbur the French Bulldog.

The first mayor, Goofy Borneman, was inaugurated for a four-year term, but died in office in July 2001. The next mayor, Junior Cochran who underwent some controversy during his term, wasn’t elected until 2004.

After Junior Cochran died in office, a special election was held and the hamlet elected their first female mayor. She appeared on several television shows, served as the grand marshal of a parade, and accepted a $1,000 from Reader’s Digest.

The next election cycle saw a win for not only the town’s first pit bull mayor, but the runners-up were named Ambassadors to Rabbit Hash.

Happy 12th Birthday to Rabbit Hash Ambassador Lady Stone!!! Thanks for all you do!

Posted by Rabbit Hash Historical Society on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

In order to win the election, residents cast “votes” by donating to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. One dollar is equal to one vote.

This year the historical society announced that not only did the winner, Wilbur, receive the highest total ever, but they also received the most votes ever.

Wilbur received 13,143 ($13,143) votes out of a total of 22,985 ($22,985) votes.

The money goes towards preserving the historic town.

The second and third place winners will become the town’s newest ambassadors and last year’s ambassador, Lady Stone, will retain her title.

“It’s a very good distraction. It’s in no way political. Even though it’s running for mayor but it’s fun,” Scott Preston, whose dog Cooper ran in the election, said.

“It raises money for a good cause and whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. It’s about the dogs.”

Congratulations, Wilbur!

This is a great way to raise money for the town and look how much they raised this year, over $20,000!