Firefighters save puppies from home vent after being alerted by worried mama dog

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in places and can’t get out, and need a little human help to get free. Thankfully, you can always count on your local fire department to come to the rescue.

That was the case recently after a fire crew freed two lost puppies from a vent — thanks to a helpful alert from the puppies’ mother.

The story comes from the Spartanburg Fire Department in South Carolina. On November 2, Engine 63 received a call from a worried homeowner whose two three-week-old puppies had disappeared.

Thankfully, they knew where the tiny puppies had ended up: their “worried mama dog” pointed them to a floor vent, where they could hear the puppies’ whimpering.

After the mother’s instinct gave them a lead, the fire crew arrived on the scene and quickly got to work freeing the scared dogs.

The rescue mission required them to get inside the system, locate the pups by sound and dismantle it to get them out. Thankfully, it was a success.

“E63’s crew was able to crawl under the home, locate where in the piping they were by the pitter patter and safely dismantle the vent system to remove them with out harm,” the department wrote on Facebook.

According to the department, the puppies did not need any medical attention despite the ordeal — and they were safely reunited with their very worried mama dog.

It’s a reminder to always follow a mother’s instinct — and of the important work fire crews do everyday for even the littlest members of their community.

“Spartanburg City Fire responds to all sorts of calls and we love helping the community no matter how small or how big the need may be,” the department wrote.

Thank you to the Spartanburg Fire Department for saving these puppies! Share this heartwarming story!

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