Firefighters rescue stray puppy who got head stuck in bottle

Whenever there’s an animal in need of help, a firefighter will be there to save the day.

We’ve seen a lot of stories of firefighters helping dogs out of some pretty tight spaces — but where one little dog ended up recently really takes the cake. Thanks to the careful work of a rescue crew, this dog is finally safe — and even has a new home.

The heartwarming story comes from the Chattanooga Fire Department, in Tennessee. A good samaritan brought a puppy in and was looking for help.

The poor dog had gotten into quite a predicament: his head was completely stuck in a bottle.

The poor helpless dog must’ve been so scared — but thankfully, he was now in good hands.

The fire crew quickly got to work to get the dog free. Working together, they held the dog and carefully cut through the bottle.

Soon, the dog was free, safe and unharmed:

According to the department, the dog was brought in by a Chattanooga police officer, and “she stayed by his side through the whole ordeal.”

It’s heartwarming to see everyone come together to help free this dog — but the good news didn’t end there.

A day after freeing the dog from the bottle, the department shared an update about the stray pup: he got adopted!

“He was adopted and has the best momma and forever home!” the department announced, sharing a photo of the pup with a happy grin:

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this dog — we’re so glad he’s free and has a new loving home!

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