Firefighters respond to call about dog on roof, but are told that he ‘does it all the time’

A firefighter is always there to help a pet in need. We’ve seen many stories of fire crews saving pets who got stuck in tricky places.

So one fire department didn’t hesitate when they saw a dog in need of saving — or so they thought. What looked like an emergency situation turned out to just be a dog being his usual self.

The Hazelton Fire Department, in Pennsylvania, responded to a call last week about a dog who was on top of a roof.

Naturally, anyone would assume the dog was stuck up there by accident — perhaps he climbed up there and was too scared to get down. The firefighters assumed they would be saving the day by getting the big dog down to safety.

But it turns out, the dog was just fine — this is just something he does.

The responders were informed that the dog “comes and goes in the house as he pleases,” including sometimes hopping up on the roof, so this wasn’t too out of the ordinary.

“When we arrived, it became clear the dog did not need rescuing, and we were told that he ‘does it all the time,'” a department spokesperson told SWNS, per People.

According to SWNS, a neighbor told them the dog will climb up on the roof “to sunbathe.”

The owners were apparently not home and the firefighters were not able to reach them, however they didn’t need to take any further action as the dog climbed back into the apartment on his own.

“I’ve seen this dog on this roof before and me and my friend drove back around the block to do something and he was already climbing back into a window,” a local commented on Facebook.

In response to the department’s post about the incident, many commenters expressed concern for the dog’s safety, saying that although the dog was able to come and go as he pleased, the owners should do something to prevent him from getting up so high lest he fall and get injured.

It isn’t clear if the firefighters were able to contact the owners about the situation. But climbing on the roof, it seems, is just another part of this dog’s regular routine.

This is one dog who is definitely not afraid of heights. Thank you to this fire department for checking up on this dog, even if he didn’t end up needing saving.

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