Firefighters rescue dog who fell into bay in Miami

Firefighters are always looking out for the pets in their communities, saving them from dangerous and difficult places.

That was the case recently, after one dog fell into a bay, but was soon rescued by local firefighters.

According to the Miami Beach Fire Department, a woman was playing with her dog at a dog park, when the pet “got too close to the edge” and fell into the bay.

Thankfully, help was soon on the way: Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2 arrived on the scene to help pull the dog to safety.

Using a roof ladder, firefighters firefighters Santis and Escudero descended into the bay to get to the dog.

After gaining the scared dog’s trust, the firefighters carefully carried her up the ladder, back onto dry land.

“Good girl,” the rescue crew repeatedly tell the scared, wet dog.

With the dog safely back on dry land, the owner thanks the firefighters for saving her pet.

The rescued dog had a very different way of thanking them: she shook water all over them, much to everyone’s amusement.

Commenters online thanked the firefighters for saving the day.

“God bless both firefighters for their kind hearts and quick action,” one person wrote. “I appreciate your service so much. Job well done!”

“Thank you for saving this person’s companion. For us who have animals we know how important they are to us,” another comment reads.

But for these firefighters, it was all in a day’s work. “We’re so happy to have been able to help,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Watch the rescue below:

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this dog! We know she was very grateful for your help.

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