Firefighters rescue dog struggling for life in frozen lake — help save his life

A dog had a close call after falling into an icy lake this week, but with the help of firefighters and animal control officers, he’s getting back on his feet.

On February 18, firefighters from the Baldwin Fire Department, in Minnesota, responded to a call about a dog in need of rescue at Little Elk Lake.

Neighbors had heard the dog barking, and after arriving at the scene the firefighters found the dog in the water, weak and barely staying afloat. They said that the dog was starting to give up when they arrived.

They retrieved the dog from the lake and brought him to the fire station to get him dry and warm.

Officers from Mille Lacs County Animal Care & Protection then stepped in to give the dog emergency care. They transferred him to Garrison Animal Hospital, and said he was “not out of the woods.”

The dog’s owners were found and contacted. It’s not clear how the dog — named Zeus — ended up in the icy water.

Despite the frightening ordeal, Zeus thankfully pulled through. In an update, Mille Lacs County Animal Care & Protection said they learned from Zeus’ owner that he was on his way home.

“Though shaken by his icy ordeal, his second chance to wag his tail is a testament to the incredible teamwork that saved him,” they wrote on Facebook.

“From the bottom of our furry friend’s heart, and ours, a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.”

Thank you to everyone who helped Zeus survive this near-death ordeal in the frozen lake. We’re so glad he’s doing well and heading home!

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