Firefighters adopt stray dog who wandered into their station

Sometimes an animal enters your life, and you know it’s just meant to be: People will find stray pets and decide to give them a forever home.

It often happens with emergency responders like police officers and firefighters, who adopt the animals in need they come across on duty.

And recently, one stray dog was made an honorary firefighter after being adopted by a fire crew after wandering into their station.

On January 15, the DeLand Fire Department, in Florida, celebrated the grand opening of their Station 81 fire house. But they got an unexpected guest at the opening: a stray dog, who wandered in and made himself comfortable in their new place.

“This little guy decided he wanted to participate in the festivities,” the department wrote on Facebook.

While the fire crew fell for the dog, they did the right thing and turned him over to animal control, who could return him to his owners.

But after a month, no one came forward to claim the dog.

When it was clear no one was coming for him, he was put up for adoption — and thankfully, it didn’t take long for him to find a new home.

The firefighters returned and adopted the dog themselves!

The dog, now named Henry “Hank” DeLand, will have a new forever home at the fire house.

“Henry is in the process of getting microchipped, neutered, and getting all of his shots,” the department wrote on Facebook.

And not only that, Henry will be an honorary member of the fire crew with some very important duties as their mascot and morale booster.

“He will be accompanying us to community events around town in the future,” the department explained.

“The goal of having a station dog is to provide some love and comfort to our crews as they come and go throughout their long 24-hour shifts away from home.”

This stray dog definitely walked into the right station! It was just meant to be.

We’re so glad this dog has a new home and these firefighters have a loving pet to give them comfort and support.

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