FedEx driver takes his two dogs on his delivery route after their daycare closes

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to make some big adjustments to our lives, especially when it comes to work. But one of the big benefits for many people: getting to spend more time at home with their pets.

But Daniel Nava, a FedEx delivery driver, had a unique problem: as an essential worker, he had to stay on the job, but when his dogs’ day care shut down he knew he couldn’t leave them home alone.

So there was only one thing to do: bring them along with him!

Now, Daniel has been bringing his dogs Chorizo and Cocoa on his delivery trips as his adorable little co-workers.

“The decision to bring them with me on deliveries was not easy but my supervisor is very understanding,” Daniel told The Dodo.

“Also I had brought them with me before with no safety issues — I have them on a harness that is anchored down to my seat while we drive.” 

With their custom-made uniforms, these two have really gotten into the job. Plus, Daniel is happy to have some company, and everyone on the route always love seeing the furry little delivery boys.

“They seem to enjoy their time on the route — sometimes we stop by at the local neighborhood parks and I let them run around for a little bit,” Daniel said.

How adorable! We wish we could take our dogs to work! Share this cute story!