This family’s dog has learned something important about their daughter – his reaction will tug at your heart strings

Any childhood that involves pets is a great childhood. I had a dog when I was growing up and he was my best friend.

Of course, you should always be careful if you have a very young child. Even a calm and friendly dog can get stressed around children if they’re not used to them. After all, children behave a little differently than adults.

But in many cases, children and dogs are best friends who can spend hours playing together. Just like Charlie and Laura.

Charlie was introduced to Laura the moment she came home from the hospital.

Her parents taught Charlie to rock her crib, help change diapers and to push the button for the traffic lights at crossings when mom was pushing the stroller.


But there was one thing they never needed to teach their pup.

This is what the family wrote in a video that’s gained a lot of attention:

“We taught you how to play a keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to rock a baby’s crib. But we never had to teach you how to love our daughter.”


From the moment Charlie saw little Laura he knew that this was someone he would love and protect for the rest of his life.

Nobody needed to explain it to him, he just knew.


Charlie and Laura are proof of how thoughtful and full of love animals can be if we treat them right.

Laura is one lucky girl to get to grow up with this superhero!

You can watch the film Laura’s parents made to praise their dog below:

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