Excited pit bull patiently waits on line for his ice cream, becomes a viral star

Nothing hits the spot on a nice day like ice cream from an ice cream truck. When that truck comes down the street playing that old jingle, it can be hard to resist treating yourself.

We’ve all been there—but we humans aren’t alone. It turns out, dogs are just as drawn to the sound of an ice cream truck… and like kids, they know it’s a chance to get mom and dad to buy them a treat.

That’s what one viral video shows, where one polite little dog is treated to some tasty ice cream.

When a Donkey Kone ice cream truck pulled up on a neighborhood street playing its familiar jingle, a pit bull couldn’t hold in his excitement and ran to “get in line.”


He looks behind him, eagerly waiting for his owner to catch up and buy him an ice cream cone.

Despite his eagerness, he still knows to let the woman ahead of him get her order first.

“He wants ice cream!” the stranger says.

When the pit bull’s owner arrives, he sits patiently for her to get him his ice cream—although his tail wagging shows how excited he is!


Then, he finally gets his ice cream…

…and swallows the whole thing in one bite!


That’s all there is to it… but clearly, this good boy has won fans around the world.

The video, posted in 2016, has earned a whopping 13 million views (and counting) on YouTube.

This dog is a straight-up viral star, and all he had to do was wait patiently for his ice cream!

Pit bulls have a reputation for being vicious and aggressive, but this little guy proves that stereotype wrong—he’s more polite and patient than most human customers!

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