Elderly woman wraps her dog in a blanket and walks miles to get her fur baby to the vet

We often hear the shocking stories that vets share about neglected animals that come through their doors for treatment.

But what about those responsible dog owners who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their dogs are healthy and happy?

One elderly woman did all she could to get her fur baby to the vet and impressed staff so much they had to share an image of her; it quickly went viral as many praised the lady for her dedication to her sweet dog.


The woman arrived at Doctor Pet ‘s Veterinary Clinic, in Cusco, in Peru with her Peruvian dog.

This type of breed is usually hairless so as it was a cold morning she wrapped her dog Lucas up and carried him on her back.

Veterinary staff were so impressed with the elderly owner’s dedication to her dog that they snapped a picture of her arriving and shared it on their Facebook page.

‘God bless this lady’

Staff said despite the cold “when one is so committed to the health of their dog, there is no need to postpone the vet appointment.”

Almost 1,000 people responded to the post and left comments praising the woman’s love for her pet.

One man wrote: “Beautiful, may god bless this good lady who cares with so much love and affection toward her puppy Lucas.”

😻😺Cuando uno esta comprometido con la salud de su engreido, no existe escusas para posponer la fecha de cita…🤩🤩🐕🐕Hoy nos visito lucas con su mamá humana 🥰🥰🥰

Posted by Doctor Pet 's Clínica Veterinaria – Cusco on Monday, August 26, 2019

How could she let a trivial matter like age get in the way of the love for her dog. Carrying this sweet dog couldn’t have been easy but she arrived with a smile on her face.

Let’s praise this determined dog owner for her dedication to her furry friend! 

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