Dramatic pit bull pretends to be dead to avoid getting his nails trimmed

Dramatic pit bull pretends to be dead to avoid getting his nails trimmed

We all love our pets, but even the best cat or dog can be difficult sometimes… especially when it comes to grooming.

Every pet owner knows the ordeal involved with getting your pet into the bath, or to sit still long enough to trim their nails. It gets so bad that owners have had to resort to elaborate measures.

But some dogs have also turned to desperate measures to avoid being groomed… like one clever dog, who gives an Oscar-worthy performance every time his owner tries to trim his nails.

In one hilarious viral clip, we meet a pit bull, who looks like a pretty happy good boy…


…but his terror sets in once he sees his owner bring out the dreaded nail clippers:


But as his owner grabs his paw and gets to work, this sneaky dog unveils his master plan to get out of the grooming session:

He pretended to be dead.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Despite the performance of a lifetime, the dog wasn’t fooling anyone.

Clearly, this isn’t the first time Laurence Olivier here has pulled this stunt: his owner, unconcerned, just goes right on with cutting his nails while he’s on the ground.

You can see the disappointment on his face as he realizes his plan has been foiled, but at least he gave it his all.


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