Dog’s body given to vet for cremation – shocking state force staff to raise the alarm

A woman who brought her dog’s body into a vet to be cremated has been banned from keeping animals for five years.

Staff at the veterinary clinic was presented with a cardboard box with the dog inside but after opening the box they weren’t sure what the animal was.

Vets said the dog, called Abbey was so matted she would have been in a great deal of discomfort and distress.

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chief inspector Laura McIntyre said: “The dog’s body had been folded into a large cardboard box.


“It was not immediately apparent upon opening the box that the animal was a dog, as 90 percent of the body’s fur was extremely matted,” she added, as per the Ardrossan Herald newspaper.

“Abbey’s legs were as thick as tree trunks and there was pus seeping from one of her hind legs.

“The legs were only identifiable from one single overgrown claw sticking out through the matting, her entire paws and pads were completely covered in matting and what appeared to be feces.

“The rear end of the dog was also severely matted and she would have been unable to pass any urine or feces through the matting meaning that any waste being passed would be absorbed directly into her coat, in turn, forcing her to lie in her own excreta.


“Abbey was also in extremely poor body condition and very underweight for her size and breed type. This type of extreme matting would not have happened overnight and it’s sadly likely that Abbey would have been suffering for some time in this awful state.”

Abby’s owner Emily Louise Friel, from Ardrossan, Scotland, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering and was given a five-year ban from owning dogs and a £600 fine ($775).

Looking at these horrific images, I can’t imagine the suffering this animal was forced to endure. Rest in peace sweet Abbey.

Do you think Emma’s punishment for not getting her dog the attention she needed severe enough?

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