Dogs attending birthday party impress the internet with their good behavior

Dogs attending birthday party impress the internet with their good behavior

Any dog owner knows how hard it can be to take a good photo of your pets. They don’t quite understand the concept of photography, so it can be hard to get them to look at the camera.

It’s even tougher with multiple photo subjects—the more dogs you add, the harder it is to take a nice pic.

Which is why people are so impressed with one very well-behaved dog party where all the attendees were happy to smile for the camera.

Last month, Josie Scott shared a photo of her dog Esther at a birthday party, which soon went viral:

The internet loved the pic—not just for the adorableness of a dog birthday party, but for how impressively well-behaved the dogs were.

You might expect an all-dog birthday bash to be a pretty chaotic affair—the expression is “party animal” after all—yet these dogs were on their best behavior, acting more polite than most humans.

It turns out the birthday celebration was thrown by a pet service called Lending Paws Pet Care, who regularly throw parties for their dogs.

“I started doing birthday pics and goodies with my own dogs and so when one of my client’s pups would have a birthday,” Aubrey Thweatt, owner of Lending Paws, told The Dodo. “They would send goodies for the group.”

This particular party was for a pittie named Rosemary, celebrating her fourth birthday. The festivities included decorations and party hats for all the dogs.

As for their good behavior, it’s just a testament to the strong training they receive at pet care.

“They have been coming for years. We do group pictures daily so they are used to it,” Aubrey said. “We do ‘sit and stay’ for everything.”

“We have lots of fun and they literally know the phrase ‘picture time!’ They will all run in the direction I’m walking to get to a spot to sit.” 

But Audrey says that these dogs still get to enjoy themselves: “They have the entire house and I am just here to constantly clean up after them and make sure they have lots of playtime and socializing!” she told The Dodo.

What good dogs! It’s amazing how they all know to sit still and look at the camera! Share this adorable story!