Rebellious Shiba Inu dog can never smile for the photo like her siblings

Rebellious Shiba Inu dog can never smile for the photo like her siblings

Everyone knows how hard it can be to take a good group photo. There’s always that one person, intentional or not, who can’t quite make a nice smile when the flash goes off.

It turns out it’s even worse with dogs. As if it isn’t hard enough to get all your pets to look at the camera, one dog refuses to make the same face as her doggie siblings—resulting in some hilariously ruined photos.

Yoko Kikuchi is the owner of four beautiful dogs and likes to share photos on her Instagram page. While most of the family is happily to smile nicely for the camera, there’s always one notable exception:

Hina, a White Shiba, seemingly loves to “ruin” the photos.

While her dog siblings Sasha, Kikko and Momo all smile properly, Hina always seems to be yawning right when the flash goes off:

Or closing her eyes:

Or even getting a little angry:

Or even facing the complete wrong direction:

And apparently, she’s been refusing to conform since she was a puppy:

Hina’s hilarious inability to fit in has made her a star online: the dogs’ Instagram account has over 101,000 followers.

But despite Hina’s new reputation as a rebellious prankster, her owners say that she’s far from a bad dog.

“She is the most obedient one, no leads needed on walks as she walks with us all the time,” Yoko told the Daily Mail. “She is very shy with humans but loves all dogs.”

She also says the dog’s photo-ruining habit is largely due to coincidence:

“She yawns a lot and I just happen catch the moment in the photos,” Yoko said. “I take so many photos and it just make me laugh now when I catch the moment.”

Indeed, there are many photos on the Instagram that show Hina happily smiling for the camera, identically to the other dogs:

Still, Yoko describes Hina—the youngest dog and newest member of the family—as the “cheeky one,” nicknaming her “the destroyer” because of her chewing habit.

Clearly this is a dog who isn’t afraid to stand out from the pack.

Never change, Hina! You can follow the dogs’ Instagram account for more hilarious photos!

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