Dog who was returned to shelter twice gets adopted by Jon Hamm

It’s always sad when a dog is returned to a shelter. Sometimes things don’t work out, and a dog who thought they had finally found their forever home finds themselves back where they came from instead.

For one poor dog, this happened twice, leaving him wondering if anyone would ever take him home for good… but now he has his forever home, and with a major celebrity!

Non-profit animal rescue I Stand With My Pack says that one of their dogs named Splash had a hard time finding a home. They say two families took him in only to return him, unable to handle his “puppy energy.”

But now this dog finally has someone who will love him the way he is: Mad Men star Jon Hamm!

All that waiting paid off, as this dog is now in the care of Don Draper himself.

“We rescued him and found him the best home,” I Stand With My Pack wrote on Instagram. “He lives a fairy tale life now.”

They also thanked two people who fostered Splash, saying that “fostering saves lives.”

Jon Hamm is known as a big fan of dogs. He previously had a rescue dog named Cora, who he originally wanted to foster but decided to fully adopt the dog, and the experience changed his life.

“It has changed my life in such a positive way,” Hamm told People in 2015. “Pets can bring to us a sense of love and pride and all of those wonderful things.”

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Cora died in 2017, after a decade with the actor: “Cora was the best,” Hamm told the New York Times after her death. “She brought a lot of love and a lot of good times to me … she’ll always have a real sweet place in my heart.”

While a good dog can never really be replaced, it’s wonderful to see that Jon Hamm has opened his heart for another rescue.

Congrats, Splash, on your new forever home! We know you’ll be very happy for now on! Share this great news!