Dog who has spent 11 years in shelter is still looking for her forever home

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but sadly it takes some longer than others. Some spent years waiting, and sadly as they become older the chances of them being adopted usually decrease.

That’s the sad situation for one shelter dog who has spent over a decade, and nearly her whole life, in the kennels waiting for a home.

Now, her shelter is making a push to finally find this old dog the home she deserves.

Molly, a boxer cross, was first brought to UK rescue charity Dogs Trust when she was just an eight-month-old puppy, after she was found wandering the streets.

Sadly, she has been there ever since. Molly is now 11 years old, and still hasn’t found her forever home.

In those eleven years, Molly has won the hearts of the Dogs Trust staff, who are sad that she has been passed over so many times.

“Molly is a very special girl with a big heart and we would love her to finally find the home she deserves,” Dogs Trust manager Celine Di Crocco told LADbible.

“Although she has unfortunately not spent much time in a home, Molly has stayed with me and she was the ideal house guest.”

Dogs Trust

As Molly gets older, the rescue is now working extra hard to find her the perfect home she has always deserved.

Molly is housebroken and loves to cuddle with people, however the shelter says that because she’s an old dog, she should ideally live in a quiet home without any children or other pets.

Interested owners should also meet with Molly a few times to make sure it’s a match. But Dogs Trust hopes that the perfect owners out there somewhere willing to take a chance on this lonely old dog.

“She really is a gorgeous girl so if someone is looking to welcome an older dog into their lives, then she could be the one,” Celine told LADbible.

“We look after all of our dogs until the time is right for them to head home with their very own family, however long that takes, so Molly will be with us until that day comes, but we would like to think her wait will soon be over.”

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