Dog waits patiently by owner’s side after she dies – for a whole month

A dog is the most loyal friend you can have. Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows this first hand.

9-year-old Greyhound Dory really loved her owner. So when her owner did not wake up one day, she was surely devastated.

And so she did the only thing she could. She waited.

Dory’s owner had died in her sleep. Though we can’t ever be sure how much of the situation Dory understood, what’s certain is that it must have been a very stressful experience for her.

Hours turned into days and days into weeks. Still, not a single person was yet aware of the tragedy that had occurred.

UPDATE 11-27-17: At 5:50 pm tonight, Dory's shelter hold expired so we can now officially welcome her to the GPAH…

Posted by Greyhound Pets of America – Houston on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A whole month went by before someone finally discovered that Dory’s owner was dead at home. And that’s when they also found Dory, terrified and weak by her owner’s side.

Dory was taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter for care. It must have been an incredible relief for little Dory to finally see humans again and receive some love and care, after all that time alone at home.

Dory remained at the shelter for several days while the staff reached out to her owner’s relatives so ask if anyone was interested in taking her in. But nobody stepped forward.

Hunting for a new home

Ultimately, after a long wait, Dory was taken in by the organisation Greyhound Pets of America which aimed to help her find a new home.

“When we picked her up, she was understandably a little stressed,” Arden Tucker from Greyhound Pets of America told The Dodo.

But aside for mourning for her previous owner, Dory was well. She was a bit skinny, but is already on her way to gaining the weight back again.

The organization is placing her in a foster home where she will remain until they find a permanent home for her. And given all the attention this story has gotten, I think it won’t be long before someone snatches this sweetie!

My heart broke when I imagine how terrible that experience must have been for Dory!

Thank goodness she is safe now. I hope she has a most wonderful life moving forward!

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