Dog runs up to police officers and jumps in car — note on her collar reveals heartbreaking story

When police responded to a call about a loose dog, they found a heartbreaking note on her collar that told her story.

Officers from the Platteville Police Department, in Wisconsin, were contacted about a loose dog seen in Moundview Park. When police arrived on the scene, the dog ran towards one of the officers, as if eager for help.

The dog even hopped right into the officer’s squad car, according to a Facebook post from the department. Then, the officer noticed a note attached to the dog’s pink collar:

Please help,” the note read. “Take me to a shelter. My name is Lola.”

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Facebook/Platteville WI Police Department

The circumstances are not entirely clear, but it seems that Lola was left on the streets by her former owners. The police are now asking the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s owners so they can speak with them.

It’s always heartbreaking to see a dog abandoned like this, but the situation isn’t always black-and-white. Based on the note, people speculated that the owner might be in a bad situation and unable to care for Lola.

“You never know what is going on with people… Maybe they’re homeless or have no money,” one commenter wrote on the post. “Could just be they were trying to do better for this pup. Was it the best choice? No. But maybe it was the only one they had. Glad she’s in good hands now.”

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Facebook/Platteville WI Police Department

While it’s still a mystery who left Lola there and why, the police department shared an update that Lola is in the care of the Platteville Vet Clinic and is up for adoption.

Anyone in the area interested in adopting Lola can reach out to the clinic at 608-349-6726 for more information.

It’s heartbreaking to see any dog left on the street like that, and it’s clear Lola was eager for help. We’re glad she’s in good hands now and hope she finds a loving home soon!

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