Dog found tied up with note saying she ‘needs to be put down’ — now she’s getting help

An abandoned dog is getting a second chance, after she was found with a note from her former owners saying that she should be put down.

On the morning of September 18, employees at the Greenville Humane Society, in South Carolina, discovered a heartbreaking sight.

A dog named Remy was tied up to a pole outside their adoption center, left with only a handwritten note that made it clear she had been abandoned there — and that the former owners wished her to be euthanized.

My sister could not take care of her the way she needed to be,” the note explained. “She has illnesses I don’t believe are fixable.”

She needs to be put down as soon as possible.”

The note is heartbreaking to read. It’s possible that the family was not in a position to care for the Remy’s medical needs, and thought leaving her to be euthanized was the right thing.

Still, it’s never a good idea to abandon your pet like this, or to decide whether an animal needs to be euthanized without consulting a vet.

“Finding Remy abandoned and alone wasn’t surprising to our staff. Even though animal abandonment is against the law, it’s been happening more and more frequently causing strain on shelters everywhere,” the humane society wrote.

They said that they were “unsure of the circumstances” of Remy’s abandonment, but focused on giving her the best care they could.

They took Remy in for a veterinary examination, and found that the dog was indeed suffering from noticeable health issues: she had a grade six heart murmur, the most severe murmur which can be felt through the chest wall.

Despite the seriousness of the dog’s condition, the humane society has vowed to give Remy all the medical care she needs. They say she will need an echocardiogram, and depending on what is found in the procedure she may require surgery or a “lifelong medication regimen.”

Of course, that will be costly, and the Greenville Humane Society wrote that they have run out of their “Hope Fund,” and turned to their supporters for donations to help Remy and other dogs like her.

Thankfully, the story has moved many people to donate — according to a Facebook post, Remy’s story has earned over $6,000 in donations so far.

Hopefully Remy will get the care she needs and deserves, and has a good long life ahead of her.

“We won’t give up on them, and we hope you won’t either,” the Greenville Humane Society wrote.

It’s heartbreaking what Remy has gone through, but it sounds like she’s finally going to get the care she needs and get a second chance at life ❤️

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